Cars & Trains - The Roots, The Leaves

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Состояние: VG+/VG+
Производство: US, 2010
Исполнители: cars & trains
Жанры: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock
Стили: Alternative Rock, Acoustic, Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Experimental
Лейблы: (FFINC014)
Формат: Vinyl, LP, Album
A1. I Know Someone Who Can't Recognize
A2. Asleep On A Train
A3. The Birds In Your Chest
A4. The Roots
B1. Intimidated By Silence
B2. The Sun Always Sets
B3. Drop Ceilings And Day Planners
B4. The Leaves
B5. Ceschi - Some Lonesome Street Corner
B6. Dead Telephone